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Welcome to an exciting year in the unique beauty of Norway!

Here you will enjoy fellowship with wonderful people, insightful teaching, powerful encounters with God and plenty of brunost (caramalised cheese) and kanelsnurrer (cinnamon rolls).

Throughout the year, you will discover more of who you are created to be and be equipped to live at your fullest potential. With solid Bible teaching, your choice of practical training, and ministry trips, you will get a strong foundation for life with Jesus. 

As an international student, you will be offered specifc subjects and opportunities to train and equip you to impact your community and nation. Teaching, assignments and core material will be in or translated to English. 

Apply now for 2024/2025

Love for the city

We want to show God's love for the people in our city. We do this regularly and in various ways, including seeking opportunities to show kindness and be present for people in need. Treasure hunting is part of this, where we listen to God and go out into the city to talk and pray with people.


We strongly believe that community is incredibly important and that we are better together. Jesus is our shepherd and he always gathers his flock. We are created for fellowship, and we reflect God's love better in fellowship than when we are alone! The Bible is full of guidance for communities who want to live with Jesus and for Jesus – with love at the core. God is love, and love exists only in relationships. When relationships and communities are challenged,  we see it as an increased opportunity to live in love – God’s love – that we can share and grow in together!

Welcome to a year of family fellowship in the kingdom of God, welcome into a fellowship that has the dual goal: to receive more love from God and give more love to one another! 


Norway trip

The international students will have their own trip as Explore+ goes on a longer missions trip in the spring. For a few days we'll see the beauty and culture of Norway at the same time as we get to minister to different people and churches. It is a great experience where you get to know Norway a bit more and see more of God moving in and through you. Look at the practical info to see how much it costs.

Practical information
Tuition fees

This is the tuition for the school year of 2024/2025.

*The administration fee is non-refundable. Living expenses, food and accommodation are in addition.

The Bible School is centrally located by the seaside in Tønsberg right when you come in to town with car/bus. Our  building  houses a church and the Bible school.

Oslo is just over an hour away (by car or train) and Torp Airport is 20 minutes away.

We have available dorms, with some single and some double rooms. Prices is 4100 NOK for single room, and 3500 NOK each for double room, each month (prices may change). Limited availability. If it's full we can help getting accommodation. 

The Bible school involves  full-time study with activities on weekends and in the evenings. Therefore, we do not recommend that you have a part-time job.  Students on a visa must also adhere to the visa conditions (which  often have restrictions  on working, with some visas allowing up to 20 hours per week).   

Should you need to work, contact us so that we can find a solution together. 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and there is no upper age limit (applicants under 18 years of age can apply for exemption). By applying, we assume that you understand and accept  the school's objectives and values. Click on 'apply now' to view the application form. 

Yes! When your application is accepted, we will send you confirmation. This will be the confirmation paper that you can use to apply for your student visa.

On the website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) you can find information about how you can apply for visa to attend a Bible School in Norway.


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